“Many artists believe themselves God; I try to respect nature.”


Exhibits, installations and monumental works

The Beverly Pepper Projects Foundation, besides dealing with research, cataloguing, publication and diffusion of the artwork of Beverly Pepper, promotes encounters, seminars and art-related events in collaboration with institutions, associations, museums and collectors in Italy and across the world. This year, in collaboration with the Municipality of Todi and the Todi Festival, the Foundation has presented the exhibition “Randomic Effect” by the great Master Ugo La Pietra, a tribute to the one of the most important italian contemporary artist.


Study and diffusion of the artist’s work.

The Beverly Pepper Projects Foundation was founded in Italy in 2018 with the goal of pursuing aims in the general interest and of benefit to the public in the fields of art and culture, with particular attention to the work of artist Beverly Pepper. Its aims include the diffusion and conservation of her work, as well as providing accurate information regarding it.

Created in the presence of the artist herself, the Foundation is located in her atelier in the Umbrian hills near Todi, Italy.


Depth and brilliance

Beverly Pepper is one of the most celebrated and persuasive figures in contemporary art. A sculptor endowed with extraordinary depth and brilliance, her works are included in the most important public and private collections the world over. Her work is centered on an abstract vocabulary of shapes and the audacious use of materials. She is known for her monumental sculptures which converse with ancient masterpieces and suggest, at the same time, a mystical relationship with the post-modern world.


Become a friend of the Beverly Pepper Foundation

The heart of the Foundation is made up of sculptures created by Beverly Pepper in the period 1959-2008, but also by the people who dedicate their time and energy. Support us and contribute to the Foundation’s success in carrying on with its numerous projects in the name of culture and contemporary art.