Triple Twist, Cantina Lungarotti

A hymn to the vine, to life and to friendship.

It’s Triple Twist, inaugurated on May 24, 2019. This imposing sculpture in Carrara marble nearly seven meters in height was created by the American artist Beverly Pepper for the Lungarotti family and unveiled today in Torgiano.

Installed in an open area adjacent to the Winery, the work is a sculpted column reaching towards the sky, its pure geometric patterns set within a triple spiral symbolizing the duality of the grapevine, stretching upwards yet deeply rooted in the earth from which it receives energy and vitality. The rotation of the three elements that make up the column is suggestive of a vortex motion powerful enough to propel an observer to move around the installation.

“The Triple Twist represents the grapevine in an almost totemic way, life and friendship as humanity’s ancestral strength,” explains Beverly Pepper. “I chose white Carrara marble for this piece, a material of great strength, expressive intensity and durability, as the symbol of my friendship with the Lungarotti family, which is constantly renewed over time.”

The Triple Twist is included in “Beverly Pepper’s Umbria”, a 52-minute documentary presented at the recent Veniece Biennial, showing all of the artist’s work in Umbria and highlighting the link between her installations and the land that hosts them.


Cantina Lungarotti - Torgiano


Inaugurazione 24/05/2019

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