Umbria by Beverly Pepper

An open-air itinerary through the works that Beverly Pepper has created expressly for the chosen Umbrian sites

Secular and religious history, millenary identity built by the Umbrians, Etruscans, Sabines and Romans, medieval and renaissances works of art, a deep union of mankind and nature: Umbria is this and more. In this land and in these sceneries are immersed, as if always present, the works of Beverly pepper, each conceived and created specifically for their space.
Beverly Pepper’s Umbria, an art documentary of 25 minutes, tells the story of the relationship between these works of art and the landscape they thrive in.
It is a journey through the open-air museum of contemporary art which begins in Todi where the artist built her art studio and home. The American sculptor Beverly Pepper, who has chosen Todi and Umbria as her ideai piace of creation, has contributed since 1970 to this tiny medieval hill-town’s international fame.

See the video-documentary Umbria by Beverly Pepper.




1962 - 2019

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